Use Cases

A library of videos folks have requested to describe one or more use cases for an organizational graph as an upgrade to their org chart, you can watch at your leisure. If you have an org chart model or org graph idea you would like to see, send us an email and we will record a quick version for you. We are dedicated to the employee who suffers under the daily yoke of organizational confusion and dysfunction by creating organizational clarity through the use of a modern org graph.

Org Chart to Org Graph – Overview

3:36 – (2:24 at 1.5x speed)

Gain a quick understanding about how your Org Chart becomes and Org Graph. Walt takes you through the 12 objects of a graph and the connections that make your Org Graph come alive. You can watch at 1.5x and still understand the video: Walt speaks slowly.  This is basically what was drawn on a napkin to describe to our data wonk what we were after in an org chart software solution. Walt has been drawing this on whiteboards for 12 years.

Document Management and Storage – Overview


Everything in one place, no longer scattered among folders and directories. Inside each of the Objects (nodes) you have the ability to attach files and the ability to add rich-text documentation with links, images etc. etc.  OGraph is intended to be a one stop shop when it comes to answering any and all organization structure questions.

Onboarding A New Employee


Real data example of how quickly a new employee can drill into what they are accountable and responsible for. 
One simple benefit, an easy ROI example, is to think about an on-boarding event of a new employee. With an Organizational Graph in play your new individual contributor (IC) will have answers to The 14 Point Checklist™



Filtering, drilling in and navigating OGraph using the Job of General Manager as an example. A good overview of the organizational graph interface using a classic org chart as a frame of reference.



A short but important lesson on the nerd language of the graph database software and how it is used to upgrade an org chart to an org graph. Nodes and how they are connected by edges are the programer words, inside we use more common words: Objects and Connections but this is a good video for orientation.



This video is 4x speed giving you a full tour of the clicks,drags, etc to build nodes and connected them with edges to form the basis of an organizational graph. An org graph differs from an org chart in that it shows 14 interactions of an employee other than just who one reports to.

Linking jobs and objectives


Narrated video of how we capture and connect nested Objectives to the Jobs using OGraph

AJT uses Org Graphing software to capture complexity

"When I sat down, faced the reality, and modeled the cost to my company of not bringing new people up to speed using the 14 Point Checklist, I saw it was in the hundreds of thousands.”

- Clay G, CEO

“The really cool thing about using an Org Graph was to get all of our people into the game. Once our Individual Contributors saw how this was something we were doing “For Them” instead of “To Them”, they bought in and the Org Graph bloomed with amazing detail - all supplied by the people who really know what’s going on, amazing.”

- Bryan B, CEO

"Our engagement is up, our teams are more effective, people are able to go directly to the right person for an answer, when we want to change something we can SEE who it will impact and get them involved. All of this was hidden in the past behind layers of folders and files, text and outlines, never in simple diagrams and pictures, very powerful.”

- David, CEO

"The different ways to visualize the same thing really is amazing, sometimes I would look at what we created via a Hierarchical view and it was just scrambled eggs, then I clicked on Symmetrical View, and think, ah ha there it is, then we drill down with the Marquee Zoom tool and it just becomes clear, truly amazing.”

- Sara, Aqua Tots

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