TRAIN YOURSELF and TRAIN YOUR TRAINERS With Our Video-Based Virtual Learning Platform.

The Why, What and How. We train you on the theory and the how to of the Organizational Cognizance® approach.  We will arm you with the confidence and ability to create the inventory of data you need to fully install Ograph®.

To help you get the most from your OGraph and OCM time investment, we offer a 24×7 virtual learning platform  (Organizational Cognizance University) featuring video-based lessons you can use to bring and keep everyone up to speed.  $499.00 to sign up, $29.00/month for easy refreshers, cancel whenever you like.

The lessons are taught by our founder Walt Brown and includes 23 videos and 10 worksheets.

Everyone will understand the theory and the practical facilitations you will need to get the most from OGraph. Learn the Organizational Cognizance approach through fun, easy to follow videos. Tied to our video lessons are downloadable workbook materials you use to take notes and follow along.

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Not Quite Ready For The Virtual Learning Subscription? Read The Book

Death Of the Org Chart is a user guide, and facilitation how-to. It is a manual to reference that explains in depth the software and how it ties to the Organizational Cognizance Model™. It includes detailed “how to” facilitations and the theory behind OCM™ and your Org Graph software.

Death of the org chart pile

We believe software is something you use to automate that which you have mastered.

To get buy-in, to have folks engage with OGraph we need to be sure everyone understands the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT behind it. These video lessons are designed to get everyone on the same page with the software and the Organizational Cognizance® approach. Without understanding the underlying reason for a software solution we run the risk of wasting tons of time and effort.

"When I sat down, faced the reality, and modeled the cost to my company of not bringing new people up to speed using the 14 Point Checklist, I saw it was in the hundreds of thousands.”

- Clay G, CEO

“The really cool thing about using an Org Graph was to get all of our people into the game. Once our Individual Contributors saw how this was something we were doing “For Them” instead of “To Them”, they bought in and the Org Graph bloomed with amazing detail - all supplied by the people who really know what’s going on, amazing.”

- Bryan B, CEO

"Our engagement is up, our teams are more effective, people are able to go directly to the right person for an answer, when we want to change something we can SEE who it will impact and get them involved. All of this was hidden in the past behind layers of folders and files, text and outlines, never in simple diagrams and pictures, very powerful.”

- David, CEO

"The different ways to visualize the same thing really is amazing, sometimes I would look at what we created via a Hierarchical view and it was just scrambled eggs, then I clicked on Symmetrical View, and think, ah ha there it is, then we drill down with the Marquee Zoom tool and it just becomes clear, truly amazing.”

- Sara, Aqua Tots

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