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One Single Point of Org Structure Truth

AI enabled organizational structure, design and visualization software.

#1 Org Chart Clarity

Simple hierarchial org chart visualizations are the backbone of creating what we are calling 3D org chart software. OGraph creates clarity beyond the basic org chart, but, we anchor our work in the classic.

Org chart layout using ograph

#2 Orientataion and Onboarding Clarity. 

We call it the Job Description of the future.

Each employee has an up to date “14 Point Checklist” that summarizes all of the org structure links that describe their job.

OGraph as your 3D Org Chart Software automatically creates a complete Job and Role summary we call the 14 Point Checklist. It is auto-generated from the work you do on your OGraph canvas.  The 14 Point Checklist™ enables wonderful  Quarterly conversations and evaluations. Imagine a Roles review conversations using the 14 Point Checklist below.

The below 14 point checklist reflects the visualization layout examples of Jane’s Job above, just in word form on one sheet.

Job description of the future.

#3 Job and Role Clarity

Using OGraph’s 3d org chart software, advanced Job and Role linking is coupled with filtering and AI enabled 3D org chart visualizations to create individual understanding and clarity.

Orgraph in action

#4  “Where do I fit, who do I turn to.” Clarity

3D Org Chart software for structure and design visualizations create clarity for your individual contributors beyond your org chart. Examples below are filtered for “Jane’s Job” as reflected in the 14 Point Checklist.

Org structure and design visualizations create clarity beyond your org chart.

Above, a Heirarchial layout of Jane’s Job, starting with a 3D org chart and extending to roles and Jane’s other connections.

Employees can visualize how they connect to the company at a fine level.

Above, a 3D Circular  layout of Jane’s Job.

Employees can visualize how they connect to the company at a fine level.

Above, a 3D Orthogonal layout of Jane’s Job.

Employees can visualize how they connect to the company at a fine level.

Above, a 3D Symetrical layout of Jane’s Job.

Employees can visualize how they connect to the company at a fine level.

Above, a 3D Bundle layout of Jane’s Job.

#5 Workflow Clarity – Visualize Procedures – Policy – Process – Workflow

Business Process Modeling and Management (BPM)  straight from OGraph’s 3D Org Chart Software.

SOPs and Business Processes are captured, modeled, mapped and visualized straight from your OGraph org chart work following BPM and BPMN 2.0 standards.

Accountability chart roles link to procedures, sop s that link to core processes

Enjoy automatically created BPM swim lane visualizations.

Sops and business processes are captured, modeled, mapped and visualized straight from your ograph org chart work.

BPM  Process Version Control is built in.

Visually compare the differences between two versions of the process. Easily roll back to a previous version.

#6 Learning and Training Clarity

OGraph Doubles As Your Learning Management System:

Train directly from your  3D Org Chart and Business Process Models with embedded rich text, file storage, images, videos and linking.

A simple right click on an object opens this information for self-serve access.

Lms directly from your org chart
Inside each ograph org chart node or object you can use html rich text for links and descriptions
Inside each ograph node or object your can upload and attach files

See: “Who is doing what and why?”
Know: “What am I doing, how and why?”

VISUALIZE, DOCUMENT, AND INTERACT WITH YOUR 21st CENTURY ORGANIZATION using the latest in organizational chart software.

What Meetings do I attend // What Teams am I part of // What Projects am I part of // Who are my Customer relationships // 
Who is my Coach // Who is my Mentor // What Processes do I follow // What Systems do I login to and need to learn // What is my Objective // 
What are my Key Results // What Skills do I need to advance // Who do I Report to

Everyone wants to know these 14 things about their job.

    • What is the purpose of my job?
    • What roles do I play and what is their purpose?
    • Who do I report to?
    • Who am I mentored by?
    • Who do I turn to for coaching from my roles?
    • What teams am I part of?
    • What meetings do I attend, why?
    • Who are the people / entities I interact with?
    • What workflows / departments do I participate in?
    • What processes, procedures, instructions do I follow or maintain?
    • What systems do I login to for my work?
    • What are my objectives?
    • What are my key results?
    • What skills do I need for today and tomorrow?

OGraph was built to help you capture, document, visualize and share these 14 things.

Org chart software of the future screen shot
Org chart sample

Say goodbye to your hierarchial Org Chart software and meet OGraph, your modern Organizational Graph Software.

CEO: Who is doing what, and why?
Individual Contributor:
What am I doing, who, and why?

We are on a mission to create organizational cognizance for everyone in the company, from the CEO who is asking “Who is doing what, and why?”, to the individual contributor who wants to know “What am I doing, how and why?” Imagine two sides of a coin, on one side your CEO can see and understand why we are hiring a new person and on the other side a new individual contributor (IC) starting with your firm can answer “What am I doing and why?” – both able to see and understand how the answers complete the Organizational Cognizance® Model via this org graph and updated org chart software.

The Organizational Cognizance® Model Visualized With OGraph

We are dedicated to the employee who suffers under the daily yoke of organizational confusion and dysfunction. To smash this confusion and dysfunction, we developed the Organizational Cognizance® Model (OCM) and the 14 Point Checklist. OGraph organizational chart software is anchored in the Organizational Cognizance® model. OCM is the result of 12 years of focus, and more than 15,000 hours helping 100s of organizations eliminate confusion and dysfunction by helping everyone answer the root questions that are at the core of: Who is doing what, why, and what am I doing, and why?

Org chart software schema diagram for an org graph
Cover of book death of the org chart rise of the graph book on how to build an org chart

We Wrote the Book on Organizational Graphs

Our clients have suffered through the same thing you are experiencing now: How do we capture, update, visualize and interact with the complexity inherent in today’s modern organizational structure?

Since 2007 we have been  facilitating and teaching the OCM™ method inside companies and organizations and our challenge was the same, we had no perfect way to capture the work, easily update it, make it user friendly for the individual contributor, and, certainly no way to visualize it.

Like all great ideas, the Org Graph Org Chart software solution came from a casual conversation between two students of two different games and a napkin – i.e. a collaboration.

Death Of the Org Chart is a user guide, and facilitation how-to. It is a manual to reference that explains in depth the software and how it ties to the Organizational Cognizance Model™. It includes detailed “how to” facilitations and the theory behind OCM™ and your Org Graph software. $29.95 Hardback. (Kindle and Paperback available too.)

Immediate ROI: Watch How an Organizational Graph Transforms the On-Boarding of a New Employee using the latest in org chart software – Real Data Example

Org Charts and Org Chart Software show hierarchies and support egos. We believe work gets done through accountable and cognizant People. People who own their Job and the Positions and roles that make up their Job. With an Organizational Graph in play your new individual contributor (IC) Jennifer will have, at hand, the answers to 14 core questions that will drastically shorten Jennifer’s time to effectiveness.

Jennifer will know: Who is my boss, what is the Purpose of my Job and the Positions I fill, what Workflows do I participate in, what Processes do I follow, what Systems do I interface with, what are my Objectives, what are the Key Results I need to achieve, what Meetings am I part of, what Teams do I play on, and what Entities, Projects, Customers, Clients do I interact with, who do I turn to as my Coach, who is my Mentor, what Skills must I have?

Reflect on your company and think about how long it takes a new employee to really get up to speed, if ever, to this level of organizational cognizance. Then think how much you are leaving on the table by not offering these self-serve answers.


"When I sat down, faced the reality, and modeled the cost to my company of not bringing new people up to speed using the 14 Point Checklist, I saw it was in the hundreds of thousands.”

- Clay G, CEO

“The really cool thing about using an Org Graph was to get all of our people into the game. Once our Individual Contributors saw how this was something we were doing “For Them” instead of “To Them”, they bought in and the Org Graph bloomed with amazing detail - all supplied by the people who really know what’s going on, amazing.”

- Bryan B, CEO

"Our engagement is up, our teams are more effective, people are able to go directly to the right person for an answer, when we want to change something we can SEE who it will impact and get them involved. All of this was hidden in the past behind layers of folders and files, text and outlines, never in simple diagrams and pictures, very powerful.”

- David, CEO

"The different ways to visualize the same thing really is amazing, sometimes I would look at what we created via a Hierarchical view and it was just scrambled eggs, then I clicked on Symmetrical View, and think, ah ha there it is, then we drill down with the Marquee Zoom tool and it just becomes clear, truly amazing.”

- Sara, Aqua Tots

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